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  1. I have switched to MoneyLine and gave up using Quicken. Since the export will not work, I just reconciled Quicken and then started with MoneyLine. I hope this helps you.
  2. I just reconciled the Month of March, 2019. My original suspicion appears to be correct. That is, the cleared column only works when performing the reconciliation process. Here is what I did. 1. Mark all transactions as cleared that match your institution statement. 2. Reconcile the account. Enter the date and the account closing amount. 3. The next screen a reconcile column. Be aware that the balance on the screen may show an out of balance amount. As you mark the transactions as reconciled the out of balance amount will change. 4. Since I wait to reconcile until al
  3. I have NOT found a way to import the Quicken transactions. Here is what I tried with NO SUCCESS. I ended up entering the transactions manually. 1. Exported Quicken as a CSV file. Then went through the Moneyline import routine. Moneyline was unable to determine the difference between a deposit and purchase. 2. Edited the Quicken CSV file to eliminate commas in the amount fields. Tried the import again with the same result. 3. Edited the Quicken CSV file to eliminate all columns not required by Moneyline. Tried the import again with the same result. 4. Edited the Quicke
  4. Thanks for responding Fred28. I did a reinstall. It did not correct/change anything. I have a suspicion that manually marking a transaction as cleared only works prior to performing a reconciliation. I will find out if this is true when I perform first reconcile.
  5. I am having a similar issue with Mac version 2.04. I just installed the software yesterday, 03/04/19, and entered transactions manually. When I check the cleared box for a transaction and close then reopen the software the check mark is gone. So, how do you mark a transaction as cleared? Thanks
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