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  1. Thanks. I had the motion effect working. Then I discovered another problem with 7.0.5 - the audio is out of sync in the exported file. I submitted a separate ticket about that. I have also downgraded to 7.0.3.
  2. When I export a 5 minute video, the resulting mp4 has the audio out of sync with the video. When I export a 1 minute video, there's no problem. I did not have this problem prior to being upgraded to 7.0.5. I have downgraded to 7.0.3. The exported mp4 is in-sync with the video. So the problem began after 7.0.3.
  3. Ok, I understand the situation. I thought you had given a link in this thread for me to download an older version of the code. I'm not find that now. Can you give me a link to get an older version of VideoPad. What version do you recommend? Anything before the text scroll broke. Also must be 7.0.1 for better since that is when you changed the file version.
  4. Hi Jimmy, Thank you very much for this info. Did you see the part where I said I replaced everything in your folder in Programs(x86) with the files that were there just before your latest update to 7.0.5. I do not know what version that was. When I ran that program with the latest project file, it said it was not a valid version number and I needed to get the latest version of the program. Then I replaced the project file with a version that was working with the older program. When I ran the older program with the older project, the program crashed and wanted to report the crash. Frankly I do not want to mess around with older versions. Since the problem has already been fixed, do you have a date for the release of this fix? Thanks
  5. I restored my backup of your directory in Windows/Program(x86) and I restored my backup of my project. When I ran videopad, it crashed. So I had to put the latest version 7.05 back in place. If I run an older version of Videopad with my current projects, will it say the project has an invalid version number?
  6. I was running a prior version that had worked for me for a few months now. Today when I tried to export the video file, Videopad crashed, which I have seen before. But today, it wanted me to upgrade to the latest (7.05) version. After doing so, my file exported fine. Thank you. HOWEVER, my next video to edit has scrolling text - right to left. It now scrolls left to right. Selecting that setting, and the text scrolls bottom to top. This is completely broken!! So thank you for the upgrade, but....
  7. I am wondering why this conversation is occurring in this thread? The aspect ratio issue has been solved by changing the setting before loading the image.
  8. Thank you NationalSolo. As I mentioned above, if I change the aspect ratio and frame size in Options BEFORE loading a video, then it loads as I need it to. That is, set the size to cell phone and then load a video that was recorded on a cell phone. This solves the export position being different than the preview problem. Now when I export, it looks just like the preview. Agreed, I need to use scale to reduce the size of the overlay image, and then I use the position tool to move in the frame.
  9. I have not solved this problem, and it is no longer a problem for me. I had another thread about how to change the aspect ratio of the frame, which was successfully answered - (Options / General / Preset / Cell phone) Having done that, when I export now the position and size remain as shown in the preview.
  10. Dangerfreak - that work! Excellent. Thank you!
  11. Here is the first pic I mentioned - https://www.dropbox.com/s/mv6u3zv1tuxz0lk/Preview.PNG?dl=0 This is the preview window showing the wonderful set of overlays I had designed with VideoPad. Here is the second pic - https://www.dropbox.com/s/k3xppwdcumm8y28/exported.PNG?dl=0 This shows what was exported. Notice the logo has gotten much smaller and has moved relative to the frame. I can not use this tool for my purposes if it does not export what the preview shows.
  12. Nope. I exported with 9:16 Android phone and got the same thing. A narrow band - the original phone video in a wide black background. Also tried 9:16 Instagram. Same result. I'm thinking this problem needs to be solved on the import. When the video imports it needs to be placed in a narrow frame, not in the center of a wide frame.
  13. oops. I spoke too soon. I hope to attach 2 pictures to this post. The first is the preview window showing me (the video), the small bird like logo above and to the right of my head, and the text coming in from the right all the way over in the black area. This last point is the subject of my other thread. The 2nd pic I'll attach is me and the logo after exporting. Notice the relative size and position is completely different. It imperative that positioning and size of the overlay export the same as it appear in the preview. Is there a fix or workaround for this? Ok, how do I attach pictures to these posts? When I click "Insert Other media" it says something about existing attachments and that I don't have any??
  14. I have recorded a video on my cell phone (an Android). I then uploaded the video to my computer and loaded it into VideoPad. This portrait video was placed by VideoPad horizontally centered in a much larger landscape frame. When I now export the video, we have my original video content in the middle of that landscape frame. But when I download to my phone and play it there, my video is a small section in the middle of the screen. Not good. How can I maintain the portrait frame entire time? Thanks.
  15. Wow, fantastic! It worked. Even better you taught me something critical (how to use that red arrow to change beween overlay and individual channel viewing in that upper window. How cool! Thanks. I just overlaid an shrunken image and a scrolling text. Nice! I do have another question, that I'll put into another ticket. Thanks. You can close this one.
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