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  1. Yes, you can always overcome bugs in a feature by not using the feature. But , since other video apps do ask for the channel and therefore allow posting to a brand channel, VideoPad could do that as well and then the feature would work.
  2. Thank you. I just tried uploading from BandiCut, and it asked me which channel to upload to. I can't seem to insert the screen shot here, but it says: Sign in with Google Choose your account or a brand account to continue with Bandicut David Bangs Democracy FairVote Washington I click one and it uploads to the right place. But with VideoPad, it doesn't even ask. There must be a slightly different way of invoking the Google login that they are using.
  3. Hello, My Video Camera divides videos into 4GB files. If I bring in one such file into VideoPad 7.02 (MOV file, 720p or 1080p resolution) and Export Lossless Video (or any other that is supposed to preserve clip settings), export is fast enough. If I bring in the more than one file, all from the same video and with identical parameters, Export Lossless Video is very slow. EXPECTED: Since all the files are the same parameters and part of the same video session, speed should be retained when combining them and doing a Lossless Video export. SOLUTION: My solutio
  4. The video posted by support in no way answers the question. I don't think it is good for Support to provide videos that don't even answer the question. I also have multiple YouTube channels and the answer seems to be that VideoPad doesn't support users with multiple channels. You just have to save out the file and upload manually.
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