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  1. Hi all, I'm looking into using MixPad as a replacement for MixMeister (MM) as they stopped developing or giving support since they have been a part of the Numark family. There is a large user base of fitness instructors worldwide which is using MixMeister (MM) to create beautiful playlists for fitness workouts. I've been using MM for 12 years now. I've been looking into MixPad last night. Looks very promising. I'll keep on testing. One thing I missed: - Is it possible to create a complete playlist or file which can be burned to a CD and be split into tracks or export as several MP3 tracks? I tried the bookmark feature, but that doesn't seem to doe it. As an instructor it is very handy to have your 1 hour workout being split in tracks, but at the sametime you want them to be mixed into one seamless mix from track to track... Jasper
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