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  1. I understand its probably not voxal i will attach an audio file of the noise
  2. All that happened when i uninstalled the driver was that the thing that said yeti microphone went away and then when i plugged it in it immediately came back. No download time or anything
  3. It is still affecting my microphone, I tested. Thanks for all the help btw its amazing that you do this for free. I will uninstall drivers and tell you how it goes.
  4. I went to device manager and under sound and audio it syas 1: Avsoft Virtual Audio Device 2: NVIDIA High Defininition audio 3: NVIDIA Virtual Audio Device 4: Realtek High Definition Audio 5: Yeti stereo microphone
  5. i found the registry editor i went to where you said it says: REG_MULTI_SZ ksthunk
  6. it said the uninstall was successful I searched for those files and it said they didnt exist I cant find out how to get to the registry editor. I run windows 10 and i click on the type here to search bar and put in regedit and nothing shows up
  7. i will have to get back to you tommorow afternoon its late where i live
  8. I uninstalled it by going to control panell>uninstall a program>then i right clicked on the voxal voice changer and clicked uninstall
  9. Thank you for responding this quickly. So what happened was i downloaded the voxal voice changer, it installed, the first thing i pressed was preview. That's when i heard the sound. It is like a semi quiet screeching in the background of my mic audio. I can %100 confirm my mic was working fine before this. I tried turnin off the aplication, the sound was still there. I tried deleting it the sound was still there. I tried restarting my computer the sound was still there. Thats the jist of the problem if you need more info just tell me.
  10. I Have the same problem where there is a horrendous screeching sound in my mic even after i uninstalled the program
  11. I decided to download the Voxal Voice Changer which is all good and fun until you listen to your voice and it sounds like there is this horrendous screeching in the background. My Blue Yeti worked fine and had crystal clear audio until after i downloaded this. I even tried deleting it and there is still a problem. This is incredibly frustrating as i try to make youtube videos and now I cant. Also i cant play with my friends it's that bad. Please help me! Edit: If anyone knows where to download Drivers for the Blue Yeti i could delete and reinstall them
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