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  1. 18 hours ago, N_C_H_josh said:

    I believe that Netflix blocks recording.  I thought that had always been the case, so it's interesting that you were able to record until now.

    No, it wasn’t always the case. For over a year, I was using Debut on Netflix, unhindered. It captured Netflix shows beautifully. But alas, it’s no longer the case. 

  2. I was using Debut Professional software to capture segments from Netflix (on Chrome browser).  It had been working fine on my Windows 10 laptop. All of a sudden yesterday, I noticed that the software captures the Netflix audio, but there is black screen.  It no longer captures the video.  Is an update necessary for my software or can this problem be rectified in anyway?  I have a feeling the Netflix engineers have put a block on. TIA

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