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  1. 19 hours ago, nchBen said:

    Hi lilfish,

    You need to tell MixPad where to find the gsnap plugin.

    1. Open MixPad and click on 'Options'
    2. Go to the VSTs tab
    3. Inside the table called 'VST Paths' you should see a list of the places MixPad will look for plugins. Note, if there are no places listed, then you need to add one.
    4. Place the GSnap.dll you downloaded into one of the paths mentioned in Step 3. 
    5. Click on the Fx button on one of the MixPad tracks. MixPad should start scanning the paths you specified in Step 3 looking for VSTs. If it doesn't do this, then click the 'Refresh VST' button in the effect dialog

    Please let me know if you need further help.



    Thank you so much, i did it with the instructions you gave me!

  2. Hi, i needed some help. I wanted to download gsnap as an auto tune plugin but mixpad refuses to find it. I am not too tech savvy and would love some help from a professional willing to take it step by step with me. The problem i think is that mixpad does not want to find the path or somthing... If the problem is with gsnap, and someone knows a better software for pitch correction, I am open to new programs... THANKS

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