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  1. Thanks for that. After looking at this, the track is not split.
  2. Thanks for the quick responses. Miggy: Yes, I am trying to create one video stitched together from multiple clips, with one audio track overlain. Your suggestion about splitting the track at a certain point sounds as if that could be the issue as normally the song continues after the end of the last clip - how would I know if the track was split? Borate: Am I right in assuming that to lock the track you click on track and select “lock track” under the menu tab? When I do this all options are greyed out and I am unable to select anything?
  3. I’m trying to complete a video with multiple clips with one music song as an audio track. The track is about 4mins long and I am about 2mins into my video when the audio stops when i try and add new clips. The new clip plays but there is no music. I had no problem until this point. Any ideas?
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