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  1. this is the most fucked up "customer service" give me my money back you theives thanks for ruining my stream with your forced update i never wanted,that also showed ZERO improvements or change from the last version i was using.good job making the small amount of people who use this pay you over,and over,and over again DONT use this software
  2. so you guys know about this issue,force me to update,pay you again,and the software's broken? what is this??? whens the "next release" going to be and will i get this for free or be tricked into giving you guys 15$ again??? @N_C_H_yusuf i want a refund this is complete bullshit and you know it
  3. absolutely 100% same problem.also on windows 10 using a logitech g933 headset "voice pitch shifter" is broken. everything else works fine. and all the same answers to the questions. also want to add that i used my logitech g933's on an older computer that broke down and was FORCED to repurchase the "new" versionon my new pc and thats when i got all these issues.everything worked fine on the previous version and even installing the backup i made of the old one on the old pc seems to install the new version... the pc is an hp omen obelisk
  4. i just repurchased this and since i was forced to update and repurchase the voice pitch shifter does absolutely nothing......i have no problems with streaming other voice effects live but as soon as i use one with "voice pitch shifter" its as if i hit the bypass effect button.. thats literally the only effect i need from this program and its really messed me up not having it..if i cant get this fixed i need a refund
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