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  1. You can use Fade-in (like as you go near the house, volume starts to go up) and Fade-Out (like as you go far from the house, volume starts to go down) To apply Fade-In and Fade-Out: Highlight the clip you want to apply the fade. Go to Levels Tab, click arrow near the Fade button. Select Fade-In or Fade-Out You can also apply fades using the "Envelope" To apply envelope: Highlight the clip you want to apply the envelope. Go to Levels Tab, click Envelope. Make the yellow line like this below There's a preview button to double check if you have assigned the right fades
  2. You can also try "Normalize". 1. Select the clip you want to adjust 2. Go to Levels Tab, press Normalize button 3. Set Normalize Peak Level to -3db. Set Peak (if you want an Average Peak to have -3db, set Peak RMS) 4. Press apply For more info: http://help.nchsoftware.com/help/en/wavepad/win/normalize.html
  3. Hi, try "Separate Channel Editing" Go to Menu -> View -> Wave -> "Separate Channel Edit Mode" or click this button near the right side of the horizontal scroll bar
  4. Hi, I would like to clarify the platform version. Are you using Mac? Windows? Android? iOS? Thanks
  5. Hi Oriol, Currently, there's no function to replace all silence simultaneously only 1 at a time by "Insert Silence at Cursor". Step 1: Position cursor to where you want to add silence Step 2: Go to Edit Tab -> Silence, press "Insert Silence at Cursor" A faster way is to copy (CTRL + C) a 2.75 sec silence and paste (CTRL + V) it to your 0.25 sec silence. No need to copy the silence again since it is already in the clipboard
  6. jlopez123


    Hi, Kindly test if the mic is working fine using Windows settings -> Sound Settings If there's no input, you may need to update your soundcard driver. If mic is fine, kindly check WavePad Options (CTRL + SHIFT + O), Recording Tab if recording device is selected If problem still exist.. Without closing WavePad, try closing the current file tab, and open a new one Sync between WavePad and Mic might still be busy in that file tab. Hope it helps.
  7. Hi, Try this.. Step 1: Select (highlight) the part of the file where there are parts you want to delete (You can zoom in to make sure you have selected the right part.) Step 2: If those dashes are "silent regions", you can delete them collectively by "Auto Delete All Silent Regions..." (located in Edit Tab -> Trim) Hope this helps
  8. Hi, I would like to clarify if an abnormal termination / crash happened when you were recording in WavePad? WavePad can retrieve the last "finalized" recording (regardless if already saved) before an abrnormal termination / crash occurs. But if a Recording was still on-going during the time of the crash, that part can't be retrieved. (We will try to address this situation and try to have an auto save recording option) When WavePad is closed normally, if a file / recording is not yet saved, prompt will open to ask if you want to save changes. If the prompt didn't display, it'
  9. Hi, If the track was recorded as 1 instrument per channel, try "Split into Component Channels" (Go to Edit Tab, click "Split" ,select "Split into Component Channels") Hope this helps
  10. Hi, It is possible that the file is corrupt or not decoded properly. Kindly reply with the audio file so we can check from our end. Or you can send a bug report by clicking Help Menu -> "Send Bug Report" (Please give ample time for your file to be uploaded).
  11. Hi, Here are some suggestions: 1. "Silence current selection" - Steps: Select the portion of the audio where you want to mute. Go to 'Edit' tab, and press 'Silence', click "Silence current selection" 2. If audio to be silenced is in a specific channel, use ''Separate channel editing" Steps: Show different channels respectively by clicking this: . Show separate channel editing by clicking this: Wave displayed above is the left channel, and below is the right channel. Select the channel where audio is to be silenced Right click the se
  12. Hi Karen, Very sorry for this inconvenience. New options will default as off for succeeding releases.
  13. Hi Karen, I would like to clarify the issues you found: 1. During recording, after pressing pause button , the latest recorded clip disappears 2. When recording is on paused state (where pause button is on "pressed" state ), pause button 'cannot be pressed again' to release the pause and continue recording We tried to replicate the problem but haven't been successful. May I ask if you could send a screenshot of the recording options. (To open, go to 'Home' Tab, click 'Options' button (or CTRL+SHIFT+O) then click on 'Recording' Tab. e.g. Thank you
  14. Hi, This problem has been addressed in the updated version of WavePad. (https://www.nch.com.au/wavepad/versions.html. Clicking the "Windows Download" link will download version 10.04 - latest release). Sorry for the inconvenience.
  15. Hi Karen, This problem has been addressed in the updated version of WavePad. (https://www.nch.com.au/wavepad/versions.html. Clicking the "Windows Download" link will download version 10.04 - latest release). Sorry for the inconvenience.
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