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  1. Thanks a lot, @borate. How do I find out if the bug is fixed, in which version, etc.?
  2. Hi all, when I export to a Blu-ray disc, I always get 23.97 fps instead of the "Advanced" setting value I have entered during the export dialog. In my concrete case, I tried a single 50sec clip from Sony XR550E recorded as 50i, and naturally wanted to export it to the Blu-ray disc as 25 interlaced (and not 24p nor 60p). I both burned a disc (plays at 60p!), and also burned an image (Win10), and played it from the image with VLC which shows metadata FPS as 23.97.... Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? My version is 5.32 (OK, it's not the latest but I would have to pay for an upgrade and I am happy with it otherwise). Thanks for any hint!
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