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  1. If I add an effect(s) to a Video File (right click on the file in the Video files window and add a video effect), can I get all the clips using that file on the sequence to update with that effect? Or do I have to do them all separately? Note that clips have already been placed on the aequence. Thanks!!!
  2. Again, thanks much, but I'm convinced it's more of a systems problem than one with my project(s). I'll see what happens as a result of the updates and let you know (BTW - no problems yet today, so fingers crossed.
  3. Thanks much. I really haven't lost too much except time - the auto save has been a godsend. And that's exactly what I've been doing - working 3-7 minute segments with any number of components. Even within that, I may have a half dozen "intermediate" files that I generate to patch together. Eventually, I'll take all these snippets and sting them together into an hour ling video.
  4. Total project is going to be about an hour, but I'm working on clips of 3-7 minutes that can consist of a dozen or more components.. It's fairly complex. File resolution varies, but for the most part it's 1920x1080
  5. Thanks. Well - I checked first on DirectX. Running version 12, so no issue there. Then I went to update the AMD Graphics Drivers. And that's when the fun started. It turns out that AMD has an automatic updater that you can download, BUT it's not smart enough to determine if you have the proper Windoze updates (which you need), or have run a clean-up utility (which you apparently have to do) before you install them. I had neither. So there I sat with blank screens and a boat anchor box. Luckily, I was able to get a real person from AMD on the phone (he was real good and patient)
  6. VP crashes intermittently on me when trying to put effects into a video, either from the sequence or directly on the clip. It's an intermittent problem, and I the conditions under which it happens can vary. I'm running VP 8.35 (Licensed) on a Windows 10 box. No additional effects besides what came with the package. There are times when: The screen freezes then goes black, but if I wait a minuter or 2, it comes back Other times, it takes the whole computer with it. The screen goes black, and the only way to recover is to do hard reboot. Help? It's really slowing me d
  7. Based on what little I know about how this works, I suspect you are on the money. When I was having the problem, I checked but did not fine a /Components directory under C:\Program Files (x86)\NCH Software\ on the new machine. Now, there are two new directories: \ffmpeg23; and \mp3el2 The files in those directories (about a half dozen .dll files) have a Date Created of today, which further supports your theory. I'm thinking that there's a flag in the metadata of the old (transferred) files that basically says "I got these already", which was wrong, but when I created
  8. OK, so this goes under the Beats-me-what-I-did-but-I-did-something-that-worked category. The problem: I'm switching computers, so I installed Videopad on the new box registered it, and transferred about 350 gigs of video files (processed and originals) from the old box to the new one. when I went to test out the new machine with VP, I found that projects where the original (imported) files were avi, wmv, etc worked fine, however, the projects where the imported files were Quicktime files previewed with no audio (the little warning came up that the audio was processing, but the audio
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