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  1. Many thanks to both of you. Accidently I might have c hanged the frame rate at video 2. On the other side somebody told me, that a different frame rate is not a problem with VP. Anyway - thanks again ☺️ Cheers Joe
  2. BTW - I can not find this in the german version:
  3. Hi Borate, here are the links of the 4 parts on youtube @ "Moto Germania TV". It is a video about my Russia Motorcycle trip in 2018. Part1: https://youtu.be/r5POsvc3-Os Part2: https://youtu.be/pdYQeJQPfpc Part3: https://youtu.be/tkT_uJ5vs28 Part4: https://youtu.be/kaXtCjTleWE I tried again a several times and used VPE and Movie Maker - it just does not work. It almost writes a new file, but it can't be read by VLC or Win Media Player.
  4. Hi Borate, thank you for your reply. No sensitive material, but I can't send a link. It was uploaded at youtube, but it could not be handled by youtube. You can see the 4 video parts on "MotoGermania TV", that I tried to put together to one video (Altai Enduro-Tours). I will be off for vacation the next 3 weeks so I do not know, if I have a chance to care about this problem then. Happy Holidays Joe
  5. Hi there, I made 4 videos using Video Pad Editor of different stuff from video cameras, phones and fotographs. It was converted to a 1440p youtube file - mp4. They work fine. Now I took those 4 mp4-videos and placed them in a new empty project. I cut some small parts out and wrote it again to a new mp4-video. My problem is, that the new mp4-file is not readable with any video player (I use VLC media player) and can even not be read by Video Pad Editor itself anymore. I tried it several times with different settings - no success. The writing seems to be normal and I do not get any fai
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