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  1. I don't know if this is even possible with WavePad, or which software may be able to do it (Mixpad?) but I know somehow it can be done as I have seen it on many Youtube music videos. What I need to know is how to separate the voice from the instrumental backing on a track but keeping both without deleting one or the other. The reason I wish to do this, is so that I can create a duet between two artists while removing the instrumental portion of one audio retaining only the voice to be mixed with the other.
  2. Mim

    Voice out of sync

    I've just come across this problem yesterday where the voices on the video are out of sync with the speakers lips after splitting and joining video clips. Is there any way I can fix that?
  3. Thank you Nat! Yes that works wonderfully!
  4. I have a smallish issue that I found when clipping sections of a video then rejoining them whereby the automated transition icon is not present between the clips. Is there a way to manually insert transitions? I was able to do this with Camtasia until I switched to VideoPad (which is 100 times more reliable) Thank you in advance
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