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  1. I recently got Video Pad Ver 8.91. The transitions between clips work erratically at best and fail to work at all, at worst. I've reinstalled the S/W without any improvement. My prior S/W worked flawlessly in this regard. I wrote NCH but have not yet heard from them and I've got a deadline looming. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ron
  2. Borate and Nat, I appreciate your response. I've just chosen to change it to Black/White and for this project that's adequate. Thanks. Ron
  3. Borate: I'm not sure I've made myself clear as to the problem. The video begins with a normal coloration. Then suddenly there is about a two to three second dramatic increase in the saturation level of the color, then back to normal for several more seconds. It happens often enough that I was hopeful that I wouldn't have to attempt to manually neutralize it, and I thought that using "Auto Levels" in the Blending & Color Correction area would perhaps equalize the high and low colors. (That doesn't change anything.) This then would then allow me to choose to add or subtract color to the entire video and I'd be done. Does this make the situation any clearer? Thanks Ron
  4. I have a video which has MANY color highs and lows. I've tried to have the system stabilize the video but to no appreciable avail. It happens so frequently I don't want to have to try to isolate each instance and modify it by hand, I'm afraid it would make it no better or perhaps worse. I've even contemplated changing it to Black/White if necessary but only as a last resort. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Ron
  5. Nat: Exactly what I was looking for, as usual. I couldn't ask for better help than you have been since I started. Thank you so much. Ron -0-0- Borate: Thank you so very much for your help. Exactly what I needed. You have always been great help to me and I certainly appreciate it. Thanks again. Ron
  6. Borate, you are the man! Again exactly what I needed. I think with your help I'm eventually going to get this thing figured out. I could not ask for more help than you have been. Thank you so much again. Ron😁
  7. I'm new and your help has been a wonderful assist. I have a video timeline complete but near the middle is about a five second section that needs to have some saturation added to it. The rest of my timeline is perfect color wise. If I attempt to enhance the color my entire time line gets made too vibrant. How do I select that five second section and add saturation to that only. I've tried everything I can think of, read what I can find and still nothing. Would you please help me again? Thanks very much. Ron 🎞️
  8. Borate, after consideration of what I now know, I think I'll just leave well enough alone and continue with the work-a-round. Maybe a future update will fix the problem. I appreciate your time. Thanks. Ron 😑
  9. Borate, thanks for your response, but I'm confused as to what I am to do. I am a licensed user. Are you telling me to run the beta 7.25 and if so will that correct the problem or not? If there is a question about that, do you think I'd be better off just to keep what I have and use my work a round procedure. Thanks for your help and insight. Ron
  10. After I make changes to a video, I go to Export, then to Video File, select the name of the file being edited, I then get an Export Queue dialog box, if I click to overwrite the existing file with the changes I've made, I get a red error message "Failed: File Not Writable. May be in use." Am I doing something wrong or is it possible to have the system overwrite the previous file? What I've done so far is rename the second copy adding an "A" to the end of the name so it becomes unique and the system creates another copy. I then delete first copy and rename second copy to the first copy name. It's just a work around I've found but there must be a better way. I hope you can help. Thanks. Ron 😡
  11. Thank you Nationalsolo for your quick response.  It is exactly what I needed and I very much appreciate you taking the time to help me.  Thanks.  Ron😃

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      Hi Ron

      Glad to be of help.


  12. Borate, I can't tell you how much this means to me.  It is exactly what I wanted!  I've struggled with this trying to get it to work off and on for months.  I a matter of minutes I'm up and working perfectly.  I signed on to this board shortly after I got my software in December of last year and just never thought to use it.  I'll certainly take advantage of this excellent resource in the future.  You have been a huge help and I thank you very much. 😃

    PS, I'm so new that I'm not sure if I'm giving you the credit you deserve by writing this here.  If I need to do anything more to express my appreciation properly on the board please let me know how.  Ron

  13. I'm a new user of Video Pad 2018. Love the software so far. I know how to delete unwanted video, but CANNOT figure out how to cut out a section of the video and place it into another location on the timeline to make the story flow more clearly. I've used the two youtube videos below to try to help me, but I, nor any of my family members are able to make this work. What I want done seems fairly straight forward. I know we must be doing something wrong but cannot figure out what. Please don't just refer me back to the videos below, NCH technical support took me there and I still can't get it to work. Please help if you can with some step by step directions if possible. Thank you very much. Ron How to Trim Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npLB0leypn80 How to Split Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0uQBZnUrsQ0
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