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  1. Thanks again Gekker. Yes, I'd worked out the mute function but when recording I would first enable the little red button within the track box (i.e. track 2) and then, as far as I recall, I did press the main record button. I'm fairly sure I followed what I saw in a You Tube tutorial but perhaps I've been doing something wrong there. I wanted to go back in and check it out but my MixPad is being very temperamental this evening and the "play" button has stopped responding for some reason but, in truth, I've started recording with another software package and seem to have managed to record some tracks successfully so I'll continue in that for a bit. Thanks for responding to me though, much appreciated.
  2. Hi Gekker, Thanks for the reply. But yes I disabled the recording button on track 1 while recording track 2. The problem I'm having is that track 2 is recording track 1 (again) as well whatever I'm playing on track 2 for some strange reason so that track 2 becomes a combination of tracks 1 and 2. If I mute track 1 then track 2 is fine but if I play it, it records it. I just can't understand it! Your answer confirms that it shouldn't be doing this. Any thoughts on why it is happening?
  3. Hi, This must be the most basic numpty question but it's got me stumped at the moment. If I've recorded an instrument on, say, track 1, how do I then record a second instrument on track 2, while listening to track 1, without also recording again on track 2 what is on track 1? I don't want to mute track 1 because I want to play along with it. But every time I record on track 2 at the moment it's also recording again what is already on track 1, thus (obviously) creating a horrible echo effect. I assume the answer is very simple. Thanks in advance if you can help.
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