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  1. This software is described as "Twelve Keys Music Transcription Assistant" and Twelve Keys Music Transcription Software." Again, as I indicated in my two posts on this topic, I fail to see how this program transcribes music, or in any way actually assists with determining melody or chord structure that leads to transcription in any form. If the NCH staff cannot help me utilize this software program, I can see no reason why I should not respectfully request a refund. I'd be grateful for some help. Gekker, an expert, took the time and made the effort to respond to my questions. Much app
  2. How are the notes and chords calculated from the white lines? The word "calculate" suggests there's a method for evaluating the individual and sets of white lines, by which the set is translated into an output result that makes sense. Somehow I have to "calculate" what the little white lines mean. In other words, how are the white lines translated into information I can interpret as musical notes?
  3. Hello. I purchased Twelve Keys after reading the NCH-website description of its purpose and software-functions. The website's descriptive copy seemed to indicate that one could load and initiate a music CD and Twelve Keys would generate the chords (e.g., Cmaj, G7 or Gdominant7, etc.) and perhaps the main melody line. Unfortunately, I must have completely misread or misunderstood what I read. I did read the Help file and was careful to follow the instructions therein. However, no chords or musical score emerged. That is the software functionality that I was hoping for. Can someone help? Th
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