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  1. I am trying to make a custom one, however its the same deal with the preset ones if it contains "Voice Pitch Shifter" Yes, this one would not work since it has "Voice Pitch Shifter", the female one works, but it sounds nothing what i want even by adjusting the pitch or high pass. Its as soon as i preview and setting has "Voice Pitch shifter", the mic level thing doesnt move at all, but can still hear my own voice. Yes, it does not work at all if "Voice Pitch Shifter" is active. Only can hear original voice. Same as number 4
  2. nope, did nothing. Exact same problem exist. As soon as "Voice Pitch Shifter" is active, nothing works and goes back to normal voice and mic bar does not move But i still able to hear the preview
  3. So, funny enough... it works totally fine when it was in trial.... However as soon as i paid, it stops working. But because i am determined to get this working again. I have noticed as soon as i use "Voice Pitch Shifter" it stops working entirely. Giving the "Voxal is unable to detect an audio stream" However it works again without that option again without the incompatible issue. But the "Voice pitch shifter" is the main reason i purchased this software. I am currently using a Logitech G933 Windows 10 Pro Either this gets solved, or i want a refund. There isn't even
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