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  1. i have ran across this same problem. I resolved it by replacing the pedal. I have a bunch of extra pedals so this was a easy fix for me. I would imagine a bad connection in the pedal or something of that nature. I didnt look that far into it.
  2. Hey Bdhackett, You right click on the install file and click properties. Then click compatibility and set to run in windows 7 mode. We currently use this on 10+ windows 10 computers. Thanks
  3. I was able to get Pedable to work on windows 10. First you have to run the install in compatibility mode for windows 7. Then once done installing you have to run the program in compatibility mode for windows 7. This works as of today. May not work tomorrow. I did have trouble running the install from a network location but as long as it was on the local machine/ desktop it worked fine.
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