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  1. thanks for the Tips page. and I did a new text box and the Copperplate worked fine. thanks again.
  2. I am using two different texts: Copperplate Gothic Light and Calibri. Calibri works well, Copperplate Gothic Light vibrates. Do I just change the font, or is there a way around this? I can send a short clip if you tell me how to to do it. thanks. I could not find "tips for getting help on this forum" when I did a search or after I clicked on everything I could think of. I just changed the font to Calibri and that vibrated just like the Copperplate. So maybe something is wrong with the text box???
  3. Thank you Borate for the video. What I was doing was using the scrubber to highlight and copy, and when I went to sequence 2 it did not paste. So now I copied the clip and pasted that into Sequence 2. Then I deleted what I didn't want. So that worked easily. And thanks for the other postings of ideas. It all helps!
  4. Hi Borate, thanks but my husband and I have been trying it in many different ways but when I paste it to sequence 2 it just inserts a text clip and not the section of sequence 1 that I highlighted and copied. Just to make sure that I am copying it correctly. I take the red bar and highlight my section, then I do control C. then I go to sequence 2 and do control V. tell me if I am missing a step here. thank you.
  5. I have 6.24 for windows. I have finished my first video. Now I want to copy some smaller sections and paste into a new shorter video. I looked at similar questions on the forum and both were very complicated. One was to create a new sequence (to create a duplicate) and using the red and blue brackets create a small selection, placing it on the thumbnail line and export. well it was very confusing to do and pieces of my video got moved around, so I backed out. I had made a copy so that was okay, didn't lose anything. The other advice was too complicated also. I did not see any instructions for
  6. thanks I did that and when I went to relink the video it shortened it to match the audio. this is the first time I am creating a video, so I want to know when I am all done do I need to link the video and audio to save to a MP4?
  7. I have Videopad professional 6.24. I have a scratchy noise at the end of my clip that I want to remove. I did the noise removal and it lowered the sound of the whole clip, so that doesn't work. Can I delete the last part of the audio tract where there is no sound but does have the scratchy sound? I tried to bring in the bracket but it is tied to the video track. Thank you.
  8. thanks a bunch...I will do it tomorrow, I appreciate all your help, have a great weekend..
  9. yikes, sorry, https://drive.google.com/open?id=1WOrNsB2JRLsR-rRXV9I2PyLdE10hVwQI
  10. okay I found the tips, here is the attachment https://drive.google.com/drive/my-drive
  11. i don't know how to do that. I share files on "we transfer" but that is different I think than what you are talking about. please give me some names of a server, thanks
  12. hi thanks, i did not see tips for getting help on this forum, so how do I attach a word doc if that is an okay form.
  13. hi, I do not have an "out point" on my text boxes at the end of my sequence, so it does not export. thank you
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