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    Preview lags

    OK. I have now found a way to smoothly play the part where no effects are applied (even without the green bar over the video). I downgraded the Frame Rate (Frames per Second) from 15.000 to 4.500. I did not understand this correctly, I think the setting is how many frames (fps) the video should play, but this is not so. Here I guess the title is wrong (Or have just I this understand false)
  2. Rejosh1

    Preview lags

    Here is one of my projects.
  3. Rejosh1

    Preview lags

    Yes, this would be an option, of course, but a very bad one for me. So I have to convert that video 2 times. I just do not understand why it works better in a different version than in a newer one, although the newer version uses 100% instead of 50%. And my CPU ist strong enough. My graphics card is up to date. The hardware choice is during the editing on. For export i must switch the hardware choice off, otherwise the export would be slower because the CPU will not be fully utilized. From version 6.24 the export is anyway definitely slow. This is another problem.
  4. Rejosh1

    Preview lags

    I have a problem with the preview. If I just cut a video (cuts only), there are no problems. But if I add videos one after another, say vidpad, the preview is build and i can not see the transition. This would only be a minor problem if there were not even worse problems. If I have a complex project, with many cuts, some audio and 1-2 video effects, over 10 pictures, 4 audio and video tracks, I can almost no longer use Videopad. If you add something new, this is very difficult.This is sometimes (especially in the newer Versions) so even though the green bar is almost everywhere. This happens even with very large z.b. Video gamplays with over 30 GB (here I can understand it somewhat). This is extreme again in the last versions. I have tested some (20) older versions from my archive ^^ and the best stable version up to version 3.89 is version 5.04. I only edit my videos on HD (1280x720). Funny is also that the situation does not change, although VidoPad since version 6.x twice as much CPU approves, as in the lower versions. I have an AMD Ryzen 5 2400G (4 cores / 8 threads) with 3.8 GHZ. I also have an SSD for the cache (10GB). I do not know if it's lies on Videopad, but since the last 3-4 versions videopad freezet or crashed from time to time.
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