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  1. You can copy and paste at most one bar. So to make things faster, I first erased all the bar lines to make many bars into one, I copied it, I pressed 'return' button to put the bar lines back, and then I pasted them.
  2. 1. The very bottom line of the entire sheet only sound 'Acoustic Piano' when there are more than 11 instruments (I was composing an orchestral music) - I checked the parts setup and it was in Contrabass (the instrument I intended to sound). How can I fix the problem? 2. How can I make fermata work? Is it impossible for the program to play the fermata longer? 3. What does '12keys Transcriber' exactly do to the program? For me, it just opens a file and shows it in synthesia mode. It does nothing..
  3. I'm writing an orchestra sheet and I want to play only one instrument at a time. Is this possible? Is there a way I could mute a particular staff? P.S. The program also suffers from a few delays. Is it because of the many staffs?
  4. I recently downloaded a free form of Crescendo Music Notater, and I wonder when the free trial ends. And can I use some of the functions even when the free trial ends? I've heard that I could use 'restricted' form of Crescendo. What functions can I use when the free trial is expired?
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