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  1. i am trying to record a video using the screen capture. How can i get the audio of the video as well? i just get garbled noise that seems is recorded from the mic of the laptop i am using.
  2. thanks elk.. if i try to remove all the color (black) then it takes the color from the picture i want to keep as well.... i am just trying to remove the background color. i am using the wand tool to make the selection around the picture. is there a better way to select that?
  3. i am wondering if it is possible in Photopad to make a selection transparent using 'fill'?. i am trying to take a black background on a picture and 'remove' it so all you see it the subject of the picture....
  4. finally got the files uploaded.... here is the link to the folder https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4h33s2ky79i90aj/AABussPaagmgtwAk6TO1JZ86a?dl=0
  5. Updated video to most current. DirectX ver12... still crashes on export. Going to 640x480 is the closest to complete but still freezes video on playback near end. Audio continues to end.
  6. i am trying to export a 4 min video and the program keeps crashing at about 75% with the words Abnormal exception. It doesn't seem to matter what format/ size i am trying for although i am going for smaller files without HD. youtube 720 or even 480... mp4 or avi. program version 6.27, laptop is an intel core i5-7200 with 8gb ram with Windows 10 any ideas anyone?
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