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  1. Problem is solved. Solution I've found after many trial and errors: When the original file is split at the bookmarks, I save each individual file manually. I've found that the file's name is shown at the topbar of the window. So when I'm saving and naming the files manually, I can quickly capture the file's (bookmarked) name.
  2. Dear Wavepad Users and Admins, Firstly, I'd like to thank NCH for the existence and production of Wavepad Audio Editor. At this moment, I'm really new to the world of audio recording, editing, mixing, etc., and Wavepad offers me all the features and tools I currently need to develop my audio skills. In order to explain my problem, I'd like to give some brief information. I'm a novice bass player. Recording my practice sessions really benefits me regarding the development of necessary skills that allow me to fully express myself musically. I found out that I really needed a DAW tha
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