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  1. Hi! Well I can't upgrade for free as I bought Video Pad many many years ago. I will probably upgrade at some point anyway though.
  2. Hi! Why moving the clips magnet snaps the clips back to where they were? I just want to move selected clips forward in the timeline, but when I drag them forward and release my mouse, they magnet snap back where they were. I use Videopad Pro 5.20 Ok, I found out how by trying stuff out. The magnet snap is a default setting, so holding Alt down while dragging moves the clips without magnet snapping back. Thanks!
  3. I use Reason for making music, and would like that it would rewire it to Video Pad. This means I could sync these two programs together. Rewire is used to sync two DAWs together, why not Video too then?
  4. Hello, I own a legal VideoPad 5.20 here. What rendering settings give me the bestest quality on YouTube? Thanx!
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