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  1. I’ve tried saving it as every option, nothing works except the file exclusive to the video pad, is there any way you could make a small recording and post it or something? I’m not terrible with technology but it would probably help for me to see what I’m doing wrong.
  2. My channel doesn't make any money whatsoever because I just started it for me and my friends, is there any reason why I wouldn't be able to save it with the free version? I'm not sure what the home version covers as far as saving things and I would like to have the ability to save my videos because I have a lot of fun making them. (every time I try and save it as a .mp4 file it won't let me and says I have to buy the professional version)
  3. I also realized that the post was from 2016 so maybe times have changed in that aspect. I really like this editor and will buy it but that's a lot of money for me to pay and not get anything except entertainment from.
  4. I have the free edition and I just want to upload a youtube video for my channel that is not monetized in any way whatsoever. I have the free version but when I go to save it as anything other than a .vpj file it says I have to buy the professional version. Is there any way for me to get past this or should I just look for another video editor? When my birthday comes in a few weeks I'd like to get the professional version but I don't see why I should have to if you said previously that the free one would be ok to use. Please get back to me asap, thank you
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