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  1. I Think the same, but as said version 7.02 can do it, with place 360 and scale 65% which distorts the image a little bit. but otherwise it works. But thanks for trying to fix the problem.
  2. Example ver 8.39: https://youtu.be/J2xoLU_4fD4 360 photo http://www.mediafire.com/view/mrv65kjp9f1hnb5/R0010318-Edit.JPG/file 2D photo http://www.mediafire.com/view/6bfewpc81m3zt7v/sb-010509-37-1200262.jpg/file
  3. The problem is the same in version 8.39, Text can be implemented along with 360 degree photo, it works fine , but 2D photo goes wrong. It appears as 360 degree photo. Example ver 8.39: https://youtu.be/J2xoLU_4fD4 It works in version 7.02. place 360 and scale 65% Can i have both versions 7.02 og 8.39 of VP on the same computer?.
  4. Think i have the samme "bug", photo is omitted, when i use the funktion pan/zoom, it does not happen in ver 7.02. If i do not use the feature pan/zoom all photos are displayed. also in ver 8.06 Same projekt in the two versions: Ver 7.02 alt ok: https://youtu.be/ti6yEG1d9AU Ver 8.06 missing photo number 2 and the last: https://youtu.be/-gEvf2ykxIA Is it possible to have two versions of VideoPad on the computer?
  5. It's difficult for me to discuss, because of my lack of English skills. but i will try to summarize. The navigation item is not in VP , youtube only. it's always been that way I,ll start by asking, is it your intention that you should be able to mix 2D photo/movie and 3D/360 photo/movie in the same video with VP? The teaching videos, shows only how to lie a text on top of a 360 degree photo/movie, it works, Includes a clean text like i do works too when i use the function (place in 360) and adjust the text size, both in versions 7.02 and 7.39. I could do the samme with 2D ph
  6. @Nationalsolo Unfortunately my English is very poor, i'm not sure i understand your long post properly , the photo from inside the burial chamber is a 360 degree photo, taken with a Ricoh Theta V 360 camera https://theta360.com/en/ You say: "Your photo (2D non 360) is being seen (at least in the YT video as a 360 image." Yes, that is the problem , a problem that is not in version 7.02. Can be seen here (same video made whith version 7.02): https://youtu.be/pxxKphkGmnA
  7. @Nationalsolo 360 degrees Photo works fine, my problem arises when I combine with regular 2D photo. I could do it in version 7.02 with slightly limited resolution. But in ver. 7.39 it does not work at all, plain 2D photo is curved, it looks totally wrong. See my example in the post with link, or here: https://youtu.be/M-74OhI0D2A
  8. It's Youtube that implements it in 360 degree photo, I'm getting unsure about what I'm saying is right, I've seen it in other videos, but they can of course also use VP. But somebody here must be able to answer.
  9. Here is a video with 2D text and 360 degree photo in version 7.02 ,everything is ok except for the slightly lacking resolution of 2D photo. , photo is placed with the function 360 place and 65 percent. https://youtu.be/pxxKphkGmnA Here is the same movie with version 7.39 , can't make it work. https://youtu.be/M-74OhI0D2A Here is the link to the photos I have used: Dolmen 360 degree photo Info board A small piece of film.
  10. Why, I have nowhere to upload. Ask again. Can I use 2D photo, 360 degree photo and 2D/3D movie in the same video in version 7.35, and how.
  11. Yes Google Translate is not always understandable. I mean use 2D photo, 2D movie, and 360 degree photo in the same video. Is it possible and how?. Here I have used 2D photo and 360 degree photo in the same video, it is made with version 7.02, can't make it work with version 7.35. https://youtu.be/pxxKphkGmnA
  12. Will ask is it supposed that 360 degree photo/film should be able to be combined with 2D photo and 2D movie?. It may work in version 7.02 by reducing to 65% in the place 360 degrees function, however, there is a deterioration of the quality of the 2D photo. With version 7.35, I can't make it work at all. This is my problem, I want to combine 2D Photo/movie with 360 degree photo, because it provides a unique form of documentation.
  13. Oh I think you misunderstand me, I have uploaded a mp4 file with YouTube's uploader, and it works 😊. https://youtu.be/9hscd7GC35A but something goes wrong when I use export/youtube button in VP.
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