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  1. GXV3000 uses H.264 codec for video transmision, does Axon support it? why is this forum so dead? at least tell me it is stupid question if it is vanDivX
  2. as the title says, I installed ET on PC that has VMWare player installed and it has (VMWare) for its own purposes created two LAN NIC addresses besides the one of my hardware NIC my LAN IP is 192.168.1.x sort and VMWare player has created two virtual (I think) LAN IPs and now when I installed Express Talk it latched onto the first IP address which is that of VMWare player and which is on different subnet, I just installed last night and didn't get chance testing the phone by calling with it and I am concerened even if it would work on this IP that it might have some negative effects anyway, like it might degrade voice quality or something because that IP is virtual mapped IP to my real IP of the PC (according to my admitedly feeble understanding of how VMWare operates) there is no way to change this in Express Talk phone's Settings, you can specify public IP if needed but not LAN IP, should I be concerned? vanDivX
  3. thanks I will certainly explore what they have to offer, kind of didn't think about it BTW how come half the phones out there have corrupted pdf manual, are those maufacturers so stupid that I have to put it so strongly and can't make bloody PDF for christ sake? especially asian companies are terrible, one has to wonder about their products too, I for one wouldn't buy from such sources BTW I run the latest Adobe Reader, what gives? should I install some third party pfd reader or what, half the feature aren't shown or not shown properly on selling sites, you have to read those manuals, reviews on the net are mighty few, makes me think this voip thing is still teething and its not ready for every day usage never mind prime time LOL, what a joke it is shopping for phones, don't wish that trip on anybody, hard to find something out there one would really want unless you talk $300+ and more like $400+ vanDivX
  4. still I am curious what phone was displayed there, I liked that it had (or seemed to have) programmable buttons while it was a cheaper sort of phone, I am looking for a phone that my eighty year old mom could use and that means a set of buttons on the phone which you program and label them, unfortunately you don't find them on the cheaper phones or ones that are not full blown office phones with too many confusing buttons all around even myself I wouldn't like those phones where you have to use buttons to scroll names on LCD display and then select one, I suppose one way around would be to set up shortcuts like #n (#4, #5, etc) which if you press on the phone they get interpreted by Axon as some specific number to call, not sure if that can be done like that, can somebody confirm it can be done? then all you need is little card with written shortcuts and names that they will call vanDivX
  5. to get you started, check that Axon is not using STUN servers to determine the public IP because then there might be a conflict (those two wouldn't correspond which would lead to crash) that's just off hand hypothesis, not sure even if you can checkmark Axon to use STUN while also specifying fixed IP name (DynDNS name) vanDivX
  6. ok, I looked up help on the forum here, wasn't so obvious, I solved my problem by using the guide as per nchto advice below which he gave to somebody on another thread here slowly I am getting handle on this software vanDivX
  7. I have these two installed on one PC and because VRS starts up sooner (I suppose) it grabs the USB phone microphone and it then doesn't work in the phone, what gives? if I quit VRS completely and run Express Talk wizard I get the mic sound back but then if I start VRS it get no sound from the USB phone mic, its one or the other, is that supposed to be like that? or maybe one is not supposed to run these two apps together? vanDivX
  8. so you are saying if you connect to somebody via intercom on this phone, that person has the chance to answer you only as long as you hold the intercom button pressed? that doesn't seem right (but you may be right) I will test it maybe tomorrow with my brother and see (if I will get him to install another phone still well, its like this, I work in this big mansion where they have some 15 phones around the house hooked up to Nortel key pbx and they have house intercom, you either can speak to one room (any you choose) or you talk to all, like when you call everybody to dinner now, this IP telephony with IP SIP or IAX PBX (Astrisk etc) is supposed to do everything those old legacy systems could do, so that's why I wonder about intercom here, I didn't put my paws on any hardware IP phone yet but I did on quite a few soft phones and this one is the first with intercom, so now I am curious about hardware IP phones, some get advertised with 'full-duplex hands free speakerphone' but I suspect that means making normal calls but not having to lift your handset, right? if that was intercom, they would have said that, wouldn't they? IP telephony is supposed to have everything and lo and behold one of the first features I get really intrested in which legacy analog phones have seems to be missing here, what a downer I hope I am wrong about this I got an idea, I will sell those people in that big mansion on IP telephony new technology of the future that is said to have everything the old phone systems had and then some, more than you can shake your stick at... and I will offer to take their old ancient Nortel Key PBX off their hands for free and won't even charge them for carrying it away then I will install it at home and will be laughing at all those Astrisk/Axon people who will be amazed what amazing capability I got on my phone network vanDivX
  9. Hi there, ever since I installed IVM several days ago (on the same PC as Axon and Express Talk softphone) it can't determine my WAN IP and it thinks the internet connection might be down and it says the port 5070 might be blocked and blah blah... internet is working fine, ports are forwarded and Axon is fine, ExpressTalk phone is fine on port 5071 IVM says it is unable to autodetect public IP and that STUN server failed (fwdnet.net) and that it will be using private IP =============== OK I solved this issue by self help, went to Settings tab Telephony and there directed both lines 198 & 199 to Axon's extensions, not terribly obvious at first now I have another question, I have another Express Talk softphone in remote location on WAN (it is registered to remote Axon as Extension) and when I installed that phone I also installed IVM, does that make sense if there is no Axon on that LAN and I don't have any official SIP account anywhere (if I don't count my Axon isntallation)? and if so should I register it to Axon in remote loacation where my IVM and so on are that I had trouble configuring just now? vanDivX
  10. Hi there, I have tested the intercom feature in Express Talk and works nicely, however the software phone has some serious shortcoming when it comes to intercom feature because it doesn't have 'inbuilt speaker', typically if you have it connected to your USB phone, you won't hear it if somebody places intercom call to you since those phones are not too loud to be heard from couple feet away or even less and you loose convenience if you key it to your loudspeakers and then want to make a call and have to switch it to use your USB phone so my question is, which hardware ip phones out there have intercom function and work with Axon and don't cost arm and leg? what feature description do you have to look out for in their technical description to make sure they are 'intercom capable'? I am not sure when it says that a phone has 'full-duplex speakerphone' that it implies it can work as intercom, also I am not clear on what the 'duplex' here means, does that mean that the speaker also functions as microphone or that there is microphone on the phone (I don't mean the one in the handset)? is intercom feature something that has to be inbuilt into the phones or does Axon take care of it as long as the phones have the built in speaker and a button to press? I want to buy some hardware IP phones and would definitely want the intercom ability, preferably hands free (or handset free) intercom which probably means the phone has to have microphone as well as speaker on its body (appart from the handset), so far only expensive IP phones seem to have such feature, like $200+ Cisco phones I would like the phone to have also some preset buttons for one push calling, dual ethernet ports besides the intercom (ideally hands-free intercom) vanDivX
  11. that's interesting, I am looking at this options too, if Axon works with video calls on LAN I don't see why it wouldn't work if you put one phone on internet on another LAN (remote), you just may need to open up some more RTP ports on the remote side and also find out which ones the video is using I am pondering if this phone might be used with door bell if you had camera at the door, you would press ring button there and it would trigger call to the phone which would ring and when you took the call it would display the picture of who is at the door, I wouldn't need door intercom function neccessarily but just phone ringing and picture display, however I doubt very much something like that would be possible, the video from the camera would somehow have to get into the SIP call, I suppose Grandstream company could manufacture such gizmo that would be sort of a subset of this video phone custom built just for this function, door intercom with video, that would be neat and I am sure their sales would pick up let me know if you succeeded with that remote video, I am very much curious if it works, let me know pls, it might make up my mind buying couple of these phones vanDivX
  12. theoretically, just theoretically, if you opened the page in Firefox for example and had RIP extension installed in it, you could mark some area of that webpage that you don't want to see and it removes it, temp or permanent, depends on your settings I haven't tried so don't know how it would work but it might work, I don't think I would bother unless that page was made more usefull, as it is at least there is no onerous adds or something, especially flashing at you, thx for that on the other hand I think the webpages of the Axon are rather poor and not much attention was paid to them really, not anything like the interface of that Axon soft phone for example, that is one nice looking little machine, technical looks that I like (I hate the officy like look of Skype or most soft phones out there), I suppose they thought about it as about making webpage that you don't see often if hardly at all after some initial setup bouts on first page you see when you log in, you wouldn't even know you are on pbx control page LOL, then the sorting of extensions is not satisfactory no matter what you do, it can't 'count', I mean my ext 080 is nestled between extensions 173 and 199 when sorting by that header, come on, there is lots of things to criticize there, not the least of which would be too many accesses to edit extension for one, it doesn't hurt anything I suppose but it doesn't bespeak of some loving attention to the Axon interface for sure, in the face of this I can't be bothered to remove the remainders of the other software you could download and maybe buy, at least its not flashing at you, it would be more out of place and deserving removal if the rest of functional interface was worthwhile looking at, really don't take it as slagging, just friendly criticism I have after playing with Axon for a week or so, it is functionally the best I've found in this category vanDivX
  13. nope, no system restore or anything like that, the pbx is installed on a 'headless' PC (no keyboard/mouse/monitor) in remote location (I live in Canada and the PC is in EU at my parent's place) and I use it primarily to run security cameras (those run on special hardware PCI card) but l didn't even have that running when I installed Axon and started setting it up with SPA (also in that remote location), it runs very few programs otherwise, I just figured that if I have such PC running around the clock there, I might as well put the pbx on it too to give it something to do PC is last year's build, Asus mobo N4L-VM DH for the new CoreDuo mobile processor - I got lower end T2400 just as they started shipping last year (the idea is to have low power PC since it is supposed to run 24/7/365). I have WinXP Pro lightened version running on it but it is fully functional even for your everyday personal PC, it is not some customized barest bones system and so far its been behaving nicely the whole winter... I have 3CX pbx installed on the PC, that was the win pbx that I started my experimenting with at first some weeks ago but I had poor quality initial calls (jitter/echo, even flaky connections... it had problems with my NAT apparently -> I run remote (WAN) extensions that are behind their own NAT) and so I tried Axon, I didn't uninstall 3CX but just disabled its services and put it out of the way before I installed Axon just to be sure there wouldn't be some interference (like ports use etc), don't see how that could have anything to do with this loss of configuration, Axon seems to be more agressive on NAT traversal and I like that and it seems to work for me - I tested Axon so far just making calls to myself (via remote access to that PC which gives me full control of it) and recording my calls there and downloading them to listen to how they sound here in Canada, today I am still to test the phone connected to SPA3102 there Axon logs don't show much any cause at all, like what might have happened, after all such funky event is not part of telephony messages that it logs, logs just started coming up at a given time with those messages about extensions trying to register and that you should make extensions in Axon for them to be able to get registered... that was my SPA trying to register its FXO/FXS lines with Axon but there were all of a sudden no extensions for it anymore as I said, after figuring that I am somehow back to User: Admin and no pass login I managed to log into its web configuration (I do that locally only, as if I was sitting at that PC out there, ie., I never enabled remote web access for Axon since I don't need that given I can directly and fully control the whole PC it is installed on using 'RemotelyAnywhere' secure remote access) and I found no extensions whatsoever, no external lines, even those post install lines that get premade for skype uplink and Carousel... simply cleaned out Axon with only logs left in it, if it wasn't for them, I would have thought I dreamed it all I exported and marked up relevant Axon logs and I think now perhaps it has some clue as to what might have happened, just before the loss of settings, the SPA is logged as "SIP Trace", I am not sure where that (separate) log came from, if it was requested by Axon from SPA or if SPA sent it to Axon on its own or if I played with the setting in the Axon on Logs tab where you have that link "Advanced SIP Tracing", maybe I checkmarked 'Log all SIP messages' but I am not sure if I did that, anyway just after the SIP Trace was done, the Axon seems to have restarted and when it came back it was more than pristine, it was cleaner than just post installation state, I did make couple extensions then to get the SPA registered and it did but then I thought more about it and decided to deinstall and install again and it brought all those COnference, On hold server etc premade extensions back along with regular ones you can download the formated log here: Anomalous_Loss_of_Settings_in_Axon Log.rtf vanDivX
  14. anybody? I realized now that I lost all those premade extensions you get when you first install (Extensions plus premade Exts for IVM etc.), I suppose I can easily make my own but what if they vanish tomorrow again vanDivX
  15. I installed Axon about a week ago, configured it with SPA3102 for both FXO/FXS lines as extensions but didn't get to make any calls, left if several days and now when I tried to log in by web controls, my pass wouldn't work and eventually I tried user: Admin and logged into pristine Axon.... logs are saying that SPA tries to register unsuccessfully - of course if I have no extensions, no nothing, it is BIZARE what goes on here? I checked older posts and it says there you back up your configuration in registry Axon key... I went there and backed up but that's backing up unconfigured Axon what gives? I don't have much trust in the software now that it did this anybody out there that such thing happened to? vanDivX
  16. http://www.nch.com.au/hardware/ipphones.html Hi there how come this phone has that vertical 'white line' of what seems like programmable buttons just to the right of the handset, SPA's just don't have that at all, I looked on Linksys site and don't see this button layout at all on these types of phones I am looking at buying some but would want to have those buttons that you can preassign numbers to for one push calling and while we talk about these kinds of phones, if you have several of these on LAN, do they have intercom ability even without Axon PBX or not, I am not clear on this, perhaps it can be setup on the phones themeselves but is easier done by PBX? also I would be interested to know where does the voice encoding happen via one of those VOIP codecs, is it done inside the phone like this SPA941 or is it done by the PBX, I suspect it is done by the phones, be they hardware like this SPA or softphones and probably what you pay for the phone doesn't make much any difference as the voice quality of your calls depends on how the encoded voice is transmited to destination, not how well encoded it is, right? vanDivX
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