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  1. Okay, after some more experimentation, I've got the following: All of the default, preset voices appear to work fine regardless of how many effects are involved (between 2 and 5). Though in the process of testing that I accidentally changed the "Robot" voice away from its defaults, can someone tell me the original preset value of Robot's Echo effect?😒 The custom mod I was having trouble with was a 4-effect string - Pitch 0.6, Distortion 100% at -32 dB, Low Pass -1600 Hz, and Amplify 250%. It was otherwise identical to the "Ogre" default except with a lower Pitch and higher Amplify. A
  2. I'm having a great deal of trouble testing out custom voice mods because I can't get the Preview mode to stay on. Either it ends spontaneously after a few seconds, or it persistently starts-and-stops while recording only the second or two of audio. I've tried this in and out of Safe Mode, and with my voice application (Discord) both active and inactive. None of that limited troubleshooting seems to solve the problem or indicate what is causing the glitch. Can anyone help narrow down what I need to do so it will stay working?
  3. I've downloaded and played around with the Free Trial version of Voxal, and am so far favorably impressed. What I can't find anywhere, though, is a concise explanation of what additional options/features come with a paid license - or inversely, what I'm missing out on by only using the free trial. I'd certainly like to buy it, but would like to know exactly what I'm getting in the process first.
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