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  1. Hi the updated version seemed to do the trick and exported my entire video. The zipping process estimated 5 hours so I had one more attempt and it did it. I really appreciate your response however and the update worked thank you.
  2. I will get the link together soon as I can and paste it on here thank you. I did manage to get half the video exported several times with HD and Youtube 1080 but it always finishes around 3:38 minutes with no issues, other than it being only half the project. I have plenty of hard drive space. Link to follow...
  3. Hi, I have been trying to export a 7 minute video with 2 songs via every file type there is and it keeps crashing or giving me the failed message halfway through. Files seem fine and cache was cleared. I've read all the threads and so far no luck. Would it be possible to upload my back up onto one drive and someone take a look? Running on Windows 7 32bit. Sorry but it's taken me quite some time to do this video and I like the software otherwise, it's currently the free version and I cannot try mpg format as that's only available in the purchased item.
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