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  1. Click on reports and find custom report on both side (Left & Right).
  2. Please tell me if anyone knows. Thanks
  3. Dear Admin, could you tell me please, that Express Accounts have perpetual Inventory System and how to record in journal. I am facing problem to calculate Cost of Goods Sold in Income statement. Right now I m calculating COGS on each invoice and then making manual journal entry. Thanks
  4. I am looking for the same, I think Its need manual calculation for the each sale invoice and then manual generate entry in Journal (Credit: Inventory and Debit: COGS). Looking for best solution!
  5. I am a new user. You may contact me on Skype. My Skype ID is mehmood77.
  6. Is it possible to hide item cost price from the user (viewer access)? anyone can help, please.
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