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  1. BOTH gave the same result. I even went in and typed the correct song title and artist, and the program changed them back. I spent over 2 hours trying to get it to work correctly, then I gave up, deleted the program, and used Windows Media Player to rip the source CD & burn the new MP3 CD, it's not "quite" as fast, but no hassle. Honestly, if I had realized Media Player would rip it and burn it for me I never would have downloaded Express Rip to begin with...
  2. My info (Album, Artist, Song Title) is showing up in Spanish, and from what little Spanish I can remember from High School and have learned since, it's STILL not correct. Changing info servers helped last time I had this problem, but not now. Example, the Album is: 100 Pop Essentials, CD2, Track 1, Artist is Dolly Partin, Song is 9 to 5....comes up as Artist: Camilla Sesto, Album: Solo un Hombre, Song Title: Mola Mazo....the only thing correct is the track duration time. It all shows up correctly in Windows Explorer (Windows 7), but not in the Express Rip
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