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  1. In the past few days I'm getting some static on my MP4 videos. It is not audible, but visual. Has anyone else noticed this? Can I reinstall Video Pad to correct this?
  2. I am using Video Pad to study Spanish. Do I need a plug in to add accent marks to words?
  3. There seems to be a bug in Video Pad. I very recently bought the $49.99 professional edition. I made a video, less than a minute to test it. I exported it to avi, but only the audio was created as a movie, not the video part. I was successful in making this into an MP4 with no problem. I tried three times to create an avi, but in all three times only the audio was created as the movie. How do I report a bug to the company so they can fix this? I don't think I'm doing anything wrong. It seems like there must be some malfunction. Thank you.
  4. I haven't tried Google Drive or One Drive, but I successfully exported it to MP4. I could then put it on my phone and even sent it in a text to my mother. I even successfully shared this MP4 to Facebook, but AVI keeps having a problem for me. Only the audio gets put into the video format.
  5. Yes, it plays correctly on the timeline. The problem seems to be with avi. I was able to export it to MP4, but I tried to export it to avi three times and all three times, it omitted the video, just recorded the audio.
  6. I posted this in another place, too, but it should be here. Anyway, I just bought Video Pad today. I made a very short video, one minute or less, to test it. I exported it, but the packaged video only plays audio and doesn't display the video. What did I do wrong?
  7. I purchased Video Pad today. I made a short video with audio and video. When I exported it to make a movie, only the audio plays. What happened? I am a little new to this.
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