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  1. but according to the email sent to us yesterday that we cant use it with older versions. we are using 1 license key only for all of our machines. because before we purchased 60+ keys for per user
  2. whats the difference with debut version 4 from version 5 above. because when we are using 5 above while recording my desktop screen. the recording suddenly stop when a pop-up message appeared by the Runningball client then debut continues to record again. using version 4 this problem didnt happen. our license is only applicable for version 5 above. Thanks.
  3. We have Enterprise Activation code for debut 4.04. Is the license applicable also for version 5.16?
  4. Recording will suddenly stop when a "goal" in a soccer match popped-up java related message in google chrome browser. I think debut had a conflict with java. any settings to prevent this? Thanks.
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