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  1. findau

    youtube problem

    Thanks all for your help. I just removed VP from my computer and downloaded again. Seemed to work at least once.
  2. findau

    youtube problem

    This is the free version and is registered. I checked on Youtube and there doesn't seem to be an issue there. VP is telling me that I am trying to export to a paid format???? Tried exporting to Facebook with the same problem!!! Not sure on the YT export option.
  3. findau

    youtube problem

    Thank you for the reply. I haven't tried that but what is the point in having VP editor if you can't use a 100% of it. I like the software but don't want to ad more steps to what should be a push of a button.
  4. I have uploaded about 10 videos to Youtube in the past month. My last one won't upload. I get the message trying to export to a paid format. Upgrade!!! Video is only 7 minutes so it isn't a 15 minute problem. HELP
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