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  1. Thanks Borate. I did everything except update my video driver and so far so good. I'll report back if and when I start having issues again. I've just started this new project (by the way the previous project was a hit) so I'll have to see as I go. Thanks again for the input!
  2. Thanks again everyone. Helpful hints all! I've started learning to enlarge the track to help me see the gaps and learning to move things around to give me room for the transitions. Thanks again. Just posted about laptop shutting down. Trying to get my first VideoPad project completed for showing and can't due to shut downs. Answers? Thanks again. T. A.
  3. Well, I just purchased VideoPad 6.10 a couple of weeks ago and I am having the same problem. I am running Windows 10 on a Dell Laptop Intel i77500u 8GB, 64-bit 2.7 2.9GHz. Initially it just shut down when I was trying to save my full project which included multiple shorter videos from about 50-plus MB to over 100MB. Now, even when I am trying to make adjustments to the smaller video segments the machine is shutting down. I need to finalize this project ASAP for a presentation. Can anyone offer advice? This thread was a couple years ago and different VideoPad version. Same issue though. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the guidance all! Away at a conference but will try when I get back to it. Will report back on how successful my efforts are. Until soon....T. A.
  5. I'm a new user working on a project and have been coming along fine until I reached this section where I can't add a transition. The message I get when I click the transition icon is "not enough space for adding transition." I've tried what little I know to create room to no avail. Help please. Thanks. T. A.
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