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  1. Is it possible to correct brightness and contrast for video file in VideoPad? What about masking/blurring certain portion of the frame(s)? I'm using VideoPad ver. 7.02.
  2. OK, now how to divide the project to move half of it to the other sequence? In the mean time I'll try the simple method you suggested. Thanks.
  3. Hi, Is it possible to split the completed project into 2 separate parts/projects? The project gets too long, runs for about 42 min and contains dozens of video clips, photos, text and transitions. I'd be glad to split it and make 2 separate video files (mp4), but don't know how to do it. VideoPad version is 7.02, Windows 10. Thanks.
  4. Hi, I ran again setup file from this link, now it shows correctly in "help" menu version 6.21. Hopefully it'll work fine now. Thanks.
  5. Yes, It was on Sept.7 (had it changed since?) and I just ran that file. P.S. I compared my file from Sept.7, with new one I downloaded right now, and they are of different size, previous one was 5792kb, and the new one is 5854kb... Should I run it again over installed one?
  6. I upgraded this morning from 6.10 to 6.21, but when you click "Help" and "About VideoPad" in the menu it still says ver.6.10.
  7. Thanks, Nat. I of course saved my .vpj file, uninstalled 6.20 and reinstalled 6.10. Then, I opened that .vpj file and exported video in .mp4 format as needed with no problem. I'll upgrade later to ver. 6.21.
  8. Thanks, I just followed advice of MolonLabe, downloaded ver. 6.10 (which was before I upgraded to 6.20), and 6.10 worked OK. Something is wrong with ver. 6.20...
  9. I have a similar problem. I just completed my project, it's long - 48min20sec, it loads successfully, but as soon as I try to export video (I tried mp4 and avi) it looks like the computer hangs, the message on the top says "not responding". The version I use is 6.20 licensed. I tried to clear unused files cache, with no help. Don't know what to do, please help.
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