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  1. Based on Nationalsolo's workaround, I managed to do the job quite simply by a) grouping the selected clips, b) select them - with only one left-click and c) performing the video effects (crop, scale etc.) from the top menu. Without any extra actions (or questions like 'apply to all selected clips' ) it worked well on all grouped clips...
  2. Tnx, I did find quite the same workaround myself (and it did well).
  3. I just installed version 6.10 (on a Windows 8.1-machine). My old version of VideoPad Professional worked pretty fine, but version 6.10 seems to generate a problem with its 'video-effects' -function (scale, crop, resize etc.). The command 'apply to alle selected clips' does not do its job properly...When trying to make it work on two separate (but successive and closely related) clips, it only changes one of them. Despite answering the question ('apply to all') correctly. What am I doing wrong?
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