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  1. I did uninstall express scribe and then tried to install my other foot pedal software. Unfortunately it did not work so I have reinstalled express scribe. I can only assume that the software I wanted to install, my foot pedal (Olympus), and Windows 10 are not compatible with each other. Ridiculous when everything worked in Windows 8.
  2. I have just bought a new laptop with windows 10. I installed express scribe foot controlled. It partially works but is manageable. However, the problem is I also need to install another foot pedal programme which worked on my old laptop, windows 8. The both worked in conjunction with each other so no problem. However, when I have tried to install my other software on my new laptop it downsloads but does not install. Could the express scribe foot pedal be stopping the installation. I am at my wits end because I need both sets of foot pedals for my work.
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