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  1. It changes nothing. If you look at the Hardware usage, you would see 0% of GPU is utilized by VideoPAD. This is obsolete. GPU is way more powerful than CPU in rendering videos.
  2. Working on VideoPad is not easy. The rendering is slow. The CPU is always 100%. And it is i7th 8th Generation. When will you support GPU? I still have last year version but I definitely buy the update if you support GPU. My GPU is 1500 USD top of the line and it should work instead of of the CPU.
  3. What I am trying to do is to have a picture drop in very fast, like in TV they slide picture in from all directions and stay in a position they want. So the slide down is the solution?
  4. But this is overlay though. I overlay an image on top of a video. How do I apply transition to an overlay?
  5. I want to drop and image from the top to the middle with a fast speed. However I can't see any motion for IMAGE effect. Basically there is no IMAGE effect at all. There is only VIDEO effect. What should I do guys to make image drop in from top to bottom, or top to middle, or left to right, or right to left?
  6. I have no idea why all of the sudden the transition between clips gives cracking noise. You can view it here https://youtu.be/SyPPkoHExVg The noise is at 00:37 of the video. Please help to debug this. Thanks
  7. When I record clips with my Canon 50D and set up the audio to STEREO from the external MICs, after I import into VideoPad, all sounds are heard on 1 side only, either LEFT or RIGHT. But if I set to MONO from the mic for recording (there are 2 mics), I can hear sounds for both sides. So how do I deal with this problem in Videopad that I wants the STEREO sounds to be heard on both sides, not just 1 side.
  8. All sounds from all clips that I recorded with iphone 6S will go to left side only when I add a music song as introduction at the beginning of the sequence. Any idea why? If I remove the music song sounds will be normal to both left and right side
  9. I am using 6.10. I will try your guys solution. I hope it helps. This is wasting my time so much as I have to redo the project. Obviously I do not want to switch to another editor as I have to learn the whole UI again. My computer is super fast and the hardware is redundant. There is no reason why it can't render preview fast enough for me. I am using Hardware acceleration and the Video card is radeon 20GB. There is also GTX 1080i 16GB attached in the PC. Do you recommend the GTX over Radeon. But radeon 20GB it is way too redundant for a 12GB project. I am using the maximum top of the li
  10. Now my other video while editing giving the same problem. Can someone please let me know what is going on? It needs more RAM or what does it need to buffer the video?
  11. I restarted PC and reloaded video and it works fine now. Thanks
  12. I have a 20 minute video clip and from 2:00 to 10:00 Videopad only renders audio. For video it has the error Building Preview Please wait. After the 10:00 minute it is normal again. What can i do to fix this problem? The video plays fine in VLC player and it is recorded by Xsplit
  13. right click > close sequence gap works. Thanks a lot
  14. While editing the sound I drop an audio clip into sequence and it was dropped overlapped to the front which has nothing. After I moved it into correct place, now it has 8 seconds of dead video and audio at the beginning of the sequence. How do I delete that? I tried to split tracks but it won't split anything. I am trying to move this sequence 1 to sequence 2 and cut it from there and but in sequence 1 it is like a bug. I thought all tracks are supposed to go into correct place when there is nothing in between them or in front of them. When I delete all tracks inside a sequence all tracks
  15. There are only 3 virtualdub plugins here and basically they are not helping anything with Hollywood style effects. Why don't you guys build more effects like Fire, Earthquake and something fun effects?
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