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  1. Hello everyone, I've been using Videopad for a couple of weeks and liked its simple use so much, I even decided to (finally) dump Windows 7 and install Windows 10 yesterday, figuring it was finally time to squeeze all the juice out of the desktop and use Videopad as efficiently as possible. I was horrified to find the preview window freezing even more than before, even with only one video playing. And it was constant, you could describe it as a preview video having a maximum of 5 FPS. Unusable! I just got home from work to give it one last shot. Looking at options, changing resolution of the preview to like 500x something (I'm on a 4k monitor) changing FPS, again, nothing happened. On my way to the X in the top right of the window I saw a tiny (and I do mean tiny) button. Hovering over it, it says: UnDock the preview to a seperate window. Holy cow, the freezing is gone! All the video, text overlays, audio, everything in the sequence is as fluent as a finished, exported video! No joke, EVERY text, transition, smooth as silk. So now I just have a floating window where the preview would normally be docked and I am a happy camper. The reason for making an account and posting is this simple message is that I Googled this problem for an hour but nothing helped. So to everyone having problems with slow, freezing preview video: try undocking the window. It might be the miracle cure. To NCH software: thank you for this great piece of free software. It's perfect for my simple, annual project. Best regards, Maarten Ps: system specs i5 6600K, 16gb ram, Radeon 280X 3gb, raid0 2x250gb SSD. These specs are the reason in the end I just couldn't accept a freezing preview window!
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