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  1. Hi undeadking, Preview is a tool to test and hear the end result of voice change. Normally if the Voxal has started, it should always process the input and you shouldn't leave the preview mode on if you want to process your voice during gaming. Maybe try these steps: 1. Start Voxal first before opening any game, voice recording software etc. 2. Do a preview and see if it can process the input properly. If it is, all good you can now turn off the preview tool. Just leave Voxal stay open as is. 3. Now you can start your game, normally now whenever you speak to micropho
  2. Hi Macabhard, That is really a hard task to achieve unfortunately. It is still an active research area, we currently don't have accent changing functionality. Voice effects can change your voice's pitch, volume, thickness etc. but the coherency, accent of your voice won't be affected with the current version. Regards, Yusuf
  3. Hi Jiri, I'm one of the developers of Voxal. That sounds interesting. If you can send me the file, I can test and see what we can do about it. It might be a bug we need to fix. Regards, Yusuf
  4. Hi Ubtaoe, I'm one of the developers of Voxal. Sorry to hear you faced difficulties with automatic gain control, as Voxal has its own driver, it is kind of not possible to keep the microphone's AGC settings. Unfortunately we don't have this option in Voxal yet. Rest assured, I will add this to the list of items to implement for future releases. Cheers, Yusuf
  5. Hi Gevson, Creating these sort of voices requires a bit of audio knowledge and lots of trial and error. For Pennywise, I've done some testing myself and you can try a combinations of effects similar to this: 1. Add a reverb which add like a smooth reflection in a room type of effect to the sound. Try diffusion values 20% to 50% and see how it sounds. 2. Add a high pass filter and try frequencies 200 - 700 or so. This should make it sound more creepy, mechanic type of voice. 3. Add an either pitch shifter or voice pitch shifter. Play with pitch value to either ge
  6. Hi NoName11, From technical perspective, that isn't possible. My initial guess is that the other person's voice is echoed to your microphone through your speakers then it is modified and sent back to other line. If you are using speakers instead of a headphone, while talking, voice output might be echoing back to the your microphone. Regards, Yusuf
  7. Hi Nir, That is all good, no worries. That is really interesting, I've never seen such a bug in SoundTap before. I appreciate If you could send a screenshot of the directory permission error message. Unfortunately, there is no log generated on release builds and I'm not sure if I'm allowed to share debug builds, most probably not. Maybe the error message might give me some clues. Thank you for all you help. Best regards, Yusuf
  8. Hi, You are definitely right on this point: If you could give me more information , I will try my best to understand and fix the issue for you. For example when Voxal stops applying the chosen effect, does it only occur while using it with Discord or it also happens in preview mode ? Does the problem occurs only on specific effects or for all the effects? Is there any other application that might be interfering with Voxal in any way? That is a rather interesting bug I've never encountered, if you could give me more information, I will try my best to find out
  9. Hi MrPotatoHead, Thank you for your help in identifying the issue. I've done some testing and it seems this is a bug in pitch shifter if the pitch shift value is 0.62 or lower as you've discovered. Rest assured, this isn't a problem in your microphone but it is rather a mathematical calculation error with some specific values. The good news is, it isn't a major issue. For pitch shifter lowest value that can be picked was 0.60 and there won't be any noticable difference in the sound for values 0.6 vs 0.63 etc. For now, you can use 0.63 as lowest in pitch sihfters until the next release
  10. Hi, SoundTap is a playback recorder, meaning it will record the sound being played on the speakers. On top of that it can also record from the microphone. But to be able to record from microphone, SoundTap should first be recording a playback, audio in speakers. So first try playing an audio and see if it can record that. If so, enable recording from microphone and try playing an audio and recording together with microphone. Regards, Yusuf
  11. Hi MrPotatoHead, Could you tell describe me the custom mods you are trying? If you are adding too many effects, that might cause the processing time to be very long and fail the audio driver, or there might be a some combination of effects that is causing a problem maybe. Regards, Yusuf
  12. Hi Raging, I'm one of the developers of the Voxal. We've not done any testing on Xsplit but from the technical perspective, Voxal should be able to work with it. Voxal modifies the microphone input so that any application that uses the microphone will have the audio modified. You might need to do some testing yourself to see if it works, What you should do is: 1. Open Voxal, go to options and choose the recording device that you will use with Xsplit. 2. Do a preview testing and see if it works with your microphone correctly. If it is working fine, stop preview and let Voxal s
  13. Hi prk, If you can see the waveform, that means it is successfully recorded. Could you check and see if the volume of the player might be too low to hear recording? Regards, Yusuf
  14. Hi Nir, I'm one of the developers of SoundTap. That is interesting, I've never faced such a problem in SoundTap. Could you explain the issue more so maybe I can identify a possible bug and fix it? When that happens is SoundTap frozen, does windows give you "not responding" error? Does this happen while recording or on idle? What happens when you click exit when the issue occurs? How often do you think that problem occurs and is there anything in common between different occurrences, for example whenever I click here, or whenever I open this other program etc. ? Thank you for i
  15. Hi RyanFd, No problem at all, I wish I could do more to help. It seems for Yeti, there might not be additional drivers supplied with Yeti, so it might be just using the windows audio drivers. Just for checking what kind of noise you are getting? For example if it is a high pitch noise, it might be a feedback caused by speakers. Have you changed any settings recently? Do you use any additional audio related software ? These are the only last options that comes to my mind, from your replies I'm mostly sure that Voxal is currently uninstalled and can't effect your microphone anymore.
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