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  1. I know there are sites that generate subtitles at a price, I just wanted to learn how to do it myself with videopad. These sites use similar programs to videopad I bet.
  2. So, i have Videopad 10.64 and i wanted to insert subtitles in a 10 minutes clip, why is the auto generate subtitles not working? I have selected Microsoft English recognizer 5.1 as Speech to text engine, but it doesn't seem to be working. Anyone knows how this function works? Thanks.
  3. i asked the same question months ago...now a version is in development
  4. i hope this program exits from the beta phase because it has a lot of bugs right now!
  5. this works greatly but...can you confirm to me that the Inside videopad option (and not this "exploit") "change file" is bugged with faster and slower clips?
  6. because thats not what im asking...im also changing the file type by clicking on "change file" in the video files section
  7. (SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH) Guys, im very experienced with video editing but I have a problem; like most of you experienced editors i dont edit in 1080p but i convert the original video I want to edit into a much smaller file so that i can edit without making the program lag (after i'm finished with the editing i click on "change file..." and then i put the original 1080p video and Videopad automatically keeps all the cuts and the effects). Problem is that today I used a "change clip speed..." effect on two consecutive clips and then at the end when i was finish with the editing i clicked on "change file" but this time it bugged out everything...I noticed that this appens only when you use "change clip speed" ...pls do you know how to fix? its just me or its a program problem? thank you all.
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