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  1. Fixed with update to v4.08 Apparently some Windows updates had adverse effects on the previous version I had.
  2. Thanks Fred. Unfortunately as it's a laptop the drive can't be changed for less than the price of a new one! I have tried writing to an external SSD but it's only USB2.0 which is even slower. I was wondering if I recorded to a different format that would help. Is mpg more resource hungry than say avi?
  3. I have been using Debut for a year or so now, but just recently screen capture recordings have developed a stutter on playback. They run smoothly for a while, then it stutters, then smooth, then stutters. The smooth periods are shorter than the stutters. I imagine this is caused by slow disk writes causing the buffer to overflow and lose frames, but I have no idea why or how to fix it. I've tried reducing the frame rate to 20fps, and putting Norton 360 in silent mode, to no effect. I am using Debut on a Windows 7 64-bit laptop, with 6GB RAM, Intel i3 2.4GHz processor and currently 180GB free disk space. Any ideas?
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