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  1. You say you are using a text file, in order for the GETDATA or GETDATAX plugin to work you must have the data on a CSV file. Is that what you are using? If not, then you might want to transfer the information to a CSV file and then try again. You should also contact NCH Tech Support and see if they can assist you further in case using a CSV file does not work for you. You can create a support ticket for them here: https://www.nch.com.au/support/index.html

  2. You should always use the CREATE BACKUP tool included in the program to make sure you do not loose any data when upgrading. Although as long as you do not uninstall the program and just install the new version on top of the one you currently have no data should be lost, still having a backup is always good in case anything goes wrong with the program.

  3. What steps are you taking to download from Google Drive? Do you get any error messages when trying to download? The correct steps are to go to FILE > DOWNLOAD FILE FROM CLOUD SERVICE > in the window that opens select GOOGLE DRIVE from the Dropdown and then click OK, the program should open a browser window for you to enter your credentials for GOOGLE DRIVE (If you haven't already) and then you should be able to select the files to download. 

    if you have any issues going through this process you might want to try and set a different browser as your default browser and try again.  You might also need to change your privacy settings for your google account to allow access. 

    In any case if nothing works you might want to reach out to the NCH technical support team and have them help you out:


  4. Can you confirm the music and program you are using (trying to record) does not have DRM protection? If it does our program will not record. You might want to see if you have the option use Stereo Mix, if you  do set that as the default. Also. You can try going to Windows (System->Sound->) and right-click on the Speaker/HP (Realtek High Definition Audio) -> Properties -> ADVANCED tab -> Try checking both boxes under the EXCLUSIVE MODE section and test again. If not you might want to contact NCH and see if this is a bug.


  5. The program does not have an option to recover this. you will need to add it again manually or you will need to restore a backup that has this information. Now keep in mind that if the backup is not recent and you restore this you will lose any information you added after creating the backup.

  6. There is no way to recover that, you will need to add it again manually or you will need to restore a backup that has the information. If you did one recently if not it you will lose any information you have added since your last backup as well.

  7. Can you confirm you have the "Enable System-Wide Hot-keys" box checked in Preferences > Hot-Keys? 

    If you do then it would be best for you to continue working with NCH Tech support as this might be a bug.

    If you have not tried to reinstall do so and if that does not work you might want to uninstall and then install the app again.

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