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  1. That's a bit disappointing but perhaps we can live with that. Does NCH offer a different program similar to Debut that can be run a complete stealth mode? And what about the other question I asked? Is it possible to suppress all messages from Debut? We would probably set Debut to create a new MP4 file every hour or so automatically and I don't want the users to see any notifications from Debut each time a file is closed and a new one started. And actually I have an additional question, If we buy a single commercial license for Debut, can we run Debut on 2 different co
  2. Hello, We are considering purchase of Debut to help us resolve a "user issue" on several of our computers. There is an issue that continues to occur and the user keeps claiming they followed procedure exactly and that the problem must be the computer and/or a specific software program that they use. Sparing you the details, it is hard to believe that the software in question is failing in this manner and only occasionally. Debut would be a perfect tool to confirm this one way or the other. We would need to execute Debut in complete "stealth" mode. We have one user that likes to "poke
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