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  1. The fact is that I decided to repurchase the whole package and start afresh so, I duly did this and nothing but disaster ensued. 

    Frankly I would settle for the old version without asking for a refund but what I want is not available. 

    All I want is a version that doesn't keep telling me it needs a update and trying to charge me for it.

    The fact that my issue is not being understood and I acknowledge that the proposed solution fails to register with me  has caused an impasse.

    Thus I would like my money back now. 

    I forgo the mean policy of the so called Platinum support is clearly non refundable. 

  2. So it seems I am not the only one with this issue, The short answer is that the current version is being too clever. It tells me that I have to have the letterbox like it or not. Everything I shoot I do in 4k yet the program overides. Borate has been extremely patient with me and offered several fixes but non have worked. 

    I have found my own solution now thank goodness but would rather just have the version prior to this silly piece of 'Cleverness' 

    Even when one goes to the old version and downloads it still tries to force the feature when on the screen it isn't there. 

    I have pleaded to have the old version and simply be left alone with it which would enable me to continue using what I had become familiar with. Deaf ears alas her no cries of desperation. 

    I don't want a solution that asks me to select 1080.. !

  3. For me it automatically sets to letterbox when I select 4k...

    It's important for this reason

    My crop pf the original footage was intentional for this reason

    The 4K film will be projected onto a large screen on stage in a small art thatre. The blackness either side of the piece will be occupied by two other models performing the same piece live as a piece of theatre. I have lost two arts festival exhibitions so far so I want to get it exactly right for my next one in two weeks time. 

  4. I much prefer to upload to Vimeo manually and it's never a problem 

    I have just checked my current version from the download mail and it's the 'Masters Edition' which came as a bundle. If the alternative works I will be positively happy 

  5. Thank you Borate I will hold back downloading the old version until you have watched what I've sent. I would like to retain the newer install as there are a couple of good improvements but not if I have to accept the result as per my example. 

  6. I have actually shared the film in two versions.. my initial edit with a temp sound track which was indicative of how I want the finished piece... then I did a new edit with a track I've had written especially for it, Pleased as punch I did a new edit and slight crop adjustment ..then went to export.... and saw new features I hadn't seem before... the exported film is an embarrassment''' Now for whatever reason my Platinum support has been ignored and I purchased it specifically to address this one issue. 

    I cant't stick the film on here but can put link to the two versions on a temporary password? 

  7. Am I the only person who doesn't want films automatically produced to look like they're letterbox or vertical slit? This feature is ridiculous and one is unable to not disable it !

    I have tried a suggested 'fix' which is to reduce my film from 4k to 1080... it doesn't work plus I don't want to reduce the quality.

  8. I was 'forced because the program wouldn't run until I upgraded which frankly I find disingenuous having paid for my original software in full almost three years ago. Nonetheless I assumed there must be tremendous improvements and added features ... A lamb to the slaughter I paid up to find that a really easy to use and pleasurable    program is now difficult to navigate and the dark grey makes it even more confusing. To me it seems a case of fixing something that 'wasn't broken' as is so often the case now days. Yes add features ... Mind you in the three years I have used it there has never been a single update of any kind so I was pretty surprised at this latest 'innovation' only to be utterly dismayed...I was actually in the middle of an edit when it crashed and informed me I had to 'buy in' again? 

    Very disappointed and will now have to find an easy to use editor.. MORE expense . ?


  9. I have just been forced to update video pad and paid for the it even though I wasn't looking for it. Maybe there are some improvements though I have yet to see.

    My biggest problem is that the 'new look' is all dark grey whereas before it was clear and predominantly white/bright which I found lovely to work with. 

    Is there a setting that will allow me to change the background colour and make it nearer the 'old version?


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