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  1. Thank you, Fred28. DRM/TPM could be an issue. What I am trying to record streaming video from Cox Cable using their Contour app. You are quite correct. It appears that Debut will indeed record other sources when Chrome is the browser. What prompted me to ask the question is that the same content that Debut does not record in the Chrome browser, it records with no issue using the Firefox or Microsoft Edge browsers. Thank you for your help. It looks like I might need to find a legacy version of Chrome . . .
  2. I have Debut installed on a Windows 10 computer. When I attempt to record streaming video using the Chrome browser, Debut records audio and only partial video. Debut records the Controls, the menus, the toolbars, everything except the streaming video. Example here. I hope I am just missing a setting somewhere . . . Firefox has issues with the streaming, but Firefox and Debut get along fine. Works well with Edge as well. Chrome is the 'preferred' browser for my ISP (Cox Cable). Any thoughts and insights gratefully accepted.
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