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  1. thank u for the suggestion i open a support ticket!!
  2. Thank u for ypu reply my problem is when i import a list for exmaple with 100 telephone numbers Some numbers it doesnt even call them 25-30, in log file says "making outbound call..." "outbound call ...not answered", "call disconects" within a sec i have noticed in that case modem it doesnt even start dialing and disconnects I can hear it open the telephone line, i can hear the tone and before start dialing it disconnects!!! The "solution i found" was to checked from panel the selection to call again 2 times after 30min, and i manage to have less number uncalled i cant understand modem behavior!!! i think it has to do something with my settings
  3. Hi all im using ivm for outbound call with way2call serial modem the problem i m facing is that in many outbound calls it disconnects before start dialing, and mark them as answered, what setting do i have to change to avoid this kind of failures. is there anyone with same modem to share his setting thank u in advance george
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