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  1. Hi Nat, I followed your suggestion and it works OK now! Although using BASIC MP4-settings compared with H264 shows a little bit lower contrast/quality. But still is useful for the videoproduction. P.S.: I guess this H264 was a default in my settings when I bought Videopad, because I never changed it, because I do not understand the technology and then it's better not to change things in the setting..... So, maybe it is better to make the BASIC setting default in the Videopad-product? Thanks, Fred
  2. Hi Nat, thanks. First I must read your text more times to understand it better, because I am not that technical... But I will do this later today and try the things you suggest. But this sounds pretty good, I will let you know what are the results. P.S. I do not know if this is important: Later yesterday, I started to edit another videoproduction. I did record this with another camera. And until now there are no problems with those exported files. Both cameras are pretty new (les than 1 year). The first one is a Canon 750D camera and the second one is a simple Canon Poweshot camera.
  3. Hi I did forget to tell that I use the YouTube 1080p Resolution for Exporting files. Did you use this also for the 11 files? Fred
  4. Jimmy: Answer at Jimmy's earlier question: yes, I only work with Videopad. Thats the only tool I use to edit and export (and import again) videofiles. Borate: thanks, I will download them
  5. let me know if you can see all 9 files in this directory: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1UKfTRdZuKSnn_ysT2t90kGgcrz1zI4di?usp=sharing thanks
  6. I am uploading to Google Drive now about 9 files or so. I will make directory link to these. Hope that works with Google Drive...
  7. wait, I can put these files in a directory in Google Drive and make a link for you to that Google Drive directory. Need some time for this now....
  8. the one you did send works OK now!!!! Do you know what went/was wrong? I will send you the other files too. Can I send them using http://WeTransfer.com . Then I need a emailadres from you.
  9. I will also send you the other files that do not work. These are 8 files I think. But let me first try the one you send me now.
  10. this is the Google Drive link for a file that works OK at the Videopad Timeline. Note that for this file I did not add a seperate audio (recorded voice) file in this Exported MP4: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fAKuKK43rOaztbaHiL4y113GLGho1E-E/view?usp=sharing
  11. I will send you a file that works OK. This file did not have a seperate audio added to the camera-file. One minute, I have to make a Google Drive link....
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